The Rapper Side of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant pic

Kobe Bryant

An MBA graduate of the Yale University School of Management, Raymond Nobu Chang is the former chief executive officer of New Focus Auto, a company based in Shanghai, China. During his free time, Raymond Nobu Chang follows professional basketball and is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, particularly Kobe Bryant.

Always in contention in debates concerning the greatest basketball player of all time, Kobe Bryant has five championship rings and numerous personal accolades under his belt. He holds the rare distinction of being able to win a title single-handedly.

Despite all his achievements in the sport, there are still some things that the public do not know about the NBA’s former golden boy. Early on in his NBA career, he also aspired to become a rapper. In fact, he lived in a hip-hop executive’s residence for three weeks and was signed to the Sony Entertainment label. He also performed in rap battles at clubs. Bryant’s debut album was titled “Visions” and was set for release, although it never got to see the light of day.


How Playing the Violin Expands Reading Skills

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Playing the Violin

Yale University alumni Raymond Nobu Chang formerly served as the chief executive officer of New Focus Auto, a company based in Shanghai, China, which he helped become the largest automobile after-sales service operator in China. Before becoming a business executive, Raymond Nobu Chang played the violin for 12 years.

Among children and adults, the violin is one of the most widely recognized stringed instruments. While it is a beautiful instrument, what most people don’t realize is that there are numerous benefits to learning to play the violin.

One advantage of children’s playing the violin is that it expands their reading skills. According to a 2011 study by the Institute for Music and the Mind at McMaster University, there is a positive correlation between musical training and a child’s word decoding skills. These skills are considered to be fundamental in learning how to pronounce specific words. Moreover, this study states that word decoding skills are improved because lessons also affect the child’s auditory abilities, which are necessary for proper pronunciation of words.

Taiwanese Company’s Plans to Expand Elsewhere in Asia

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The former CEO of New Focus Automobile, an after-sales service organization, Raymond Nobu Chang also led GigaMedia, a broadband Internet provider, in Taiwan. Throughout his career, Raymond Nobu Chang had made several partnerships and acquisitions with other media companies.

As part of a strategy to build market share in Singapore, mainland China, and Hong Kong, Chang made plans to finalize a deal with Australia’s News Corp., owner of Star TV, a pan-Asian satellite TV service.

GigaMedia was uniquely positioned to form such partnerships. It was the leading broadband supplier in Taiwan, reaching some 70 percent of households (about 4 million), with its content appealing to Chinese speakers outside of Taiwan. Revenue streams for the GigaMedia-Star TV partnership included advertising and content delivery.

Accounting for some 20 percent of revenues, GigaMedia’s content features encouraged customers not to switch providers. This enabled the company to have only a 5 percent turnover rate.

Chang mentioned other plans for expansion, such as delivering Internet service to Singapore. The city was chosen for its strong technological infrastructure.

New Lakers Center Shines in Summer League

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Raymond Nobu Chang has most recently served as the CEO of New Focus Automobile in Shanghai, signing partnerships with Michelin and Mobil Oil. In his spare time, Raymond Nobu Chang supports the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers’ rookie center from Croatia, Ivica Zubac, has made a good start during the NBA summer league. Drafted 32nd in the second round, Zubac impressed both fans back home and coaches in Los Angeles with his enthusiasm and shot-blocking abilities. He also exceeded expectations with an average of 10.6 points for 64.7% and 7.2 rebounds.

Zubac had promised himself that he would try hard to prove himself, but he had no idea he would do this well. His fluency with English surprised assistant coach Theo Robertson, as well as the ease with which Zubac adjusted to the NBA style of play.

Although Zubac had some difficulty adjusting to a different floor spacing, he brought considerable physical strength and a reliable jump shot. A teammate complimented Zubac on his agility. Another rookie commented that Zubac could become a great player.

Zubac planned to return home and celebrate, but he will be back for a regimen of lifting weights and working on his mid-range jump shot.

Evaluating the Advantages and Disadvantages of an IPO

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Raymond Nobu Chang is an entrepreneur and business executive with years of experience in online sales, cross-border transactions, and venture capital financing. With an MBA from the Yale University School of Management, Raymond Nobu Chang has led many companies to successful initial public offerings (IPOs).

An IPO is the first sale of a company’s stock to the public. Before deciding whether to go public, a company must evaluate the potential advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

One of the advantages of going public is the injection of capital. Raising more capital allows the company to expand sales, increase research, make capital expenditures, and grow the company, capturing more market share. In addition, so long as there is a demand from the market, public companies can issue more stock.

Another advantage of going public is increased awareness. IPOs are subject to a lot of public scrutiny, which brings the company’s products and services greater attention and can help augment its marketing programs and revenue. Venture capitalists, who want to make money from a company they have built, also use IPOs as an exit strategy.

On the other hand, one of the disadvantages of going public is disclosure. Public companies are required to disclose operations through periodic financial reports in line with the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These reports should be accompanied by audit reports, meaning increased overhead costs. Going public will also expose companies to public shareholder demands, which may lead the offering company to give priority to short-term profits over long-term growth.

Training to Run a Faster 5K

5K runs

5K runs


The former chief executive of New Focus Auto in Shanghai, China, Raymond Nobu Chang is an accomplished business executive. A physical fitness enthusiast, Raymond Nobu Chang has taken part in several 5K runs.

After initially completing a number of 5K runs successfully, the next step is to do it faster. Here are three methods to improve your time:

1. Speed work
Practice running faster. Do this by incorporating short sprints into your training program. Because sprints are harder on the body, especially if you are new to speed training, start with short sprints, building yourself up to an 80-meter dash.

2. Uphill runs
Going up a hill requires strength. This can be developed with consistent training. Start by tackling hills with smaller inclines, ranging from 6 percent to 9 percent, before moving on to much steeper ones. Sprint uphill for 10 seconds, then walk down backward; repeat.

3. Strength training
Running alone is not enough to improve your speed. Incorporate strength training to build more running muscle. Include a variety of lunges, squats, bent-over rows, step-ups, and calf raises.

Shanghai American School Sets Standards High

Shanghai American School pic

Shanghai American School

Raymond Nobu Chang, an influential new-economy leader in 21st century Asia, is an elected board member and former treasurer of the Shanghai American School (SAS). In these positions, Raymond Nobu Chang helped SAS achieve its purpose of developing children’s abilities for the future.

SAS is the biggest international co-educational K-12 school in China. As a private nonprofit, and nondenominational institution, it is operated through the American Consulate in Shanghai, and has more than 3,600 students. It was established in 1912, with students from approximately 40 countries, and now comprises two campuses.

To help students fulfill their dreams (98 percent of SAS graduates continue to universities and colleges around the world), the school sustains high standards in the classroom and in its community, accomplished through academics, participation in fine arts (drama, photography, dance, studio art, and music), and athletics (swimming, table tennis, soccer, track-and-field, and more).

The annual SAS campaign is the main source of support for the school, raising funds for its initiatives, fees, and tuition. This support is an important part of helping students build future careers and lives.