The Rapper Side of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant pic

Kobe Bryant

An MBA graduate of the Yale University School of Management, Raymond Nobu Chang is the former chief executive officer of New Focus Auto, a company based in Shanghai, China. During his free time, Raymond Nobu Chang follows professional basketball and is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, particularly Kobe Bryant.

Always in contention in debates concerning the greatest basketball player of all time, Kobe Bryant has five championship rings and numerous personal accolades under his belt. He holds the rare distinction of being able to win a title single-handedly.

Despite all his achievements in the sport, there are still some things that the public do not know about the NBA’s former golden boy. Early on in his NBA career, he also aspired to become a rapper. In fact, he lived in a hip-hop executive’s residence for three weeks and was signed to the Sony Entertainment label. He also performed in rap battles at clubs. Bryant’s debut album was titled “Visions” and was set for release, although it never got to see the light of day.