Taiwanese Company’s Plans to Expand Elsewhere in Asia

GigaMedia pic

Image: gigamedia.net

The former CEO of New Focus Automobile, an after-sales service organization, Raymond Nobu Chang also led GigaMedia, a broadband Internet provider, in Taiwan. Throughout his career, Raymond Nobu Chang had made several partnerships and acquisitions with other media companies.

As part of a strategy to build market share in Singapore, mainland China, and Hong Kong, Chang made plans to finalize a deal with Australia’s News Corp., owner of Star TV, a pan-Asian satellite TV service.

GigaMedia was uniquely positioned to form such partnerships. It was the leading broadband supplier in Taiwan, reaching some 70 percent of households (about 4 million), with its content appealing to Chinese speakers outside of Taiwan. Revenue streams for the GigaMedia-Star TV partnership included advertising and content delivery.

Accounting for some 20 percent of revenues, GigaMedia’s content features encouraged customers not to switch providers. This enabled the company to have only a 5 percent turnover rate.

Chang mentioned other plans for expansion, such as delivering Internet service to Singapore. The city was chosen for its strong technological infrastructure.


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