New Lakers Center Shines in Summer League

Lakers pic


Raymond Nobu Chang has most recently served as the CEO of New Focus Automobile in Shanghai, signing partnerships with Michelin and Mobil Oil. In his spare time, Raymond Nobu Chang supports the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers’ rookie center from Croatia, Ivica Zubac, has made a good start during the NBA summer league. Drafted 32nd in the second round, Zubac impressed both fans back home and coaches in Los Angeles with his enthusiasm and shot-blocking abilities. He also exceeded expectations with an average of 10.6 points for 64.7% and 7.2 rebounds.

Zubac had promised himself that he would try hard to prove himself, but he had no idea he would do this well. His fluency with English surprised assistant coach Theo Robertson, as well as the ease with which Zubac adjusted to the NBA style of play.

Although Zubac had some difficulty adjusting to a different floor spacing, he brought considerable physical strength and a reliable jump shot. A teammate complimented Zubac on his agility. Another rookie commented that Zubac could become a great player.

Zubac planned to return home and celebrate, but he will be back for a regimen of lifting weights and working on his mid-range jump shot.


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