Training to Run a Faster 5K

5K runs

5K runs


The former chief executive of New Focus Auto in Shanghai, China, Raymond Nobu Chang is an accomplished business executive. A physical fitness enthusiast, Raymond Nobu Chang has taken part in several 5K runs.

After initially completing a number of 5K runs successfully, the next step is to do it faster. Here are three methods to improve your time:

1. Speed work
Practice running faster. Do this by incorporating short sprints into your training program. Because sprints are harder on the body, especially if you are new to speed training, start with short sprints, building yourself up to an 80-meter dash.

2. Uphill runs
Going up a hill requires strength. This can be developed with consistent training. Start by tackling hills with smaller inclines, ranging from 6 percent to 9 percent, before moving on to much steeper ones. Sprint uphill for 10 seconds, then walk down backward; repeat.

3. Strength training
Running alone is not enough to improve your speed. Incorporate strength training to build more running muscle. Include a variety of lunges, squats, bent-over rows, step-ups, and calf raises.


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