Shanghai American School Sets Standards High

Shanghai American School pic

Shanghai American School

Raymond Nobu Chang, an influential new-economy leader in 21st century Asia, is an elected board member and former treasurer of the Shanghai American School (SAS). In these positions, Raymond Nobu Chang helped SAS achieve its purpose of developing children’s abilities for the future.

SAS is the biggest international co-educational K-12 school in China. As a private nonprofit, and nondenominational institution, it is operated through the American Consulate in Shanghai, and has more than 3,600 students. It was established in 1912, with students from approximately 40 countries, and now comprises two campuses.

To help students fulfill their dreams (98 percent of SAS graduates continue to universities and colleges around the world), the school sustains high standards in the classroom and in its community, accomplished through academics, participation in fine arts (drama, photography, dance, studio art, and music), and athletics (swimming, table tennis, soccer, track-and-field, and more).

The annual SAS campaign is the main source of support for the school, raising funds for its initiatives, fees, and tuition. This support is an important part of helping students build future careers and lives.


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