New Focus Auto Tech – China’s Leading After-Sales Company

New Focus Auto Tech pic

New Focus Auto Tech

Raymond Nobu Chang is a results-focused entrepreneur with leadership experience spanning Shanghai and Taipei. Among the companies he has guided is New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Ltd., which stands as China’s leading auto aftermarket service chain. As CEO, Raymond Nobu Chang grew the company to an enterprise with a service location presence throughout China and Taiwan. Its retail and service businesses includes a full range of after-sales options, from maintenance and body repairs to professional detailing.

New Focus Auto also has a manufacturing business that maintains a “Best Product, Best Service, Best Value” philosophy for auto lighting and electronic products. Innovation-focused research and development form a core aspect of the business, with the firm partnering with renowned institutions such as the Huadong Institute of Science and Technology, and Fudan University.

These accessory products are sold in a diversity of retail and wholesale settings and complement distributed auto brands. Mr. Chang’s accomplishments while CEO of the company included setting in place partnerships with auto suppliers such as Bosch, Michelin, and Bridgestone. Unique in being listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and on the Taiwan stock market, the Group was taken over by the Chinese private equity fund CDH Investment in 2013.


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