Golf Tips – Executing a Good Downswing for a Better Drive

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Golf Digest

An experienced business leader, Raymond Nobu Chang has founded and served as CEO of prominent companies likes GigaMedia in Taiwan and Luckypai Limited in China. Raymond Nobu Chang also has balanced his professional endeavors with his interest in golf.

In a recent Golf Digest article, PGA pro Jordan Spieth shared tips on how to execute a good downswing that leads to a better drive. Spieth recommends starting the downswing with the left hip rotated behind the torso so that the lower body leads the rest of the body through the swing.

During a good downswing, body weight shifts onto the left heel, which allows the front leg to straighten and the body to pivot. Spieth also suggests keeping the chest faced toward the ball while the hips rotate through the swing for maximum clubhead speed.

To achieve clean impact, Spieth keeps his head stable in the position it started in at the beginning of the swing. Keeping the clubhead titled slightly upward or level with the ground during the downswing will also improve the distance and angle of a drive.