E-Commerce (China vs. US) Part 5 of 10

E-Commerce (China vs. US) Part 5 of 10
This is a 10-parts discussion on the key differences in E-Commerce between US & China. If you are interested, please join this blog to learn more. Will publish once a day.


Part 5 of 10 – Chinese customers expect all e-commerce sites to equip with live agents 24/7. Nearly 100% of e-commerce sites in China are equipped with LIVE agents and often would use pop-up windows to offer answering any questions while customers shop on-line. Even the smallest e-commerce sites would have 1-2 agents available 24/7. Alibaba now owns the world’s biggest live agents online e-center with thousands of agents. This is necessary because (1) Chinese e-commerce is still at its nascent stage and a lot of people are still unfamiliar with the overall e-commerce flows, (2) There are too many counterfeit products and customers would only feel more secured if they have an opportunity to at least ask few questions to verify the authenticity, (3) the delivery and payment mechanisms are still not standardised and often require additional conversations to work out the detail arrangements, (4) Chinese customers would often try to “Negotiate” for discounts, free gifts, or no/lower delivery fees. Unlike in US where more than 90% of transactions are done without the intervention of live agents, more than 75% of e-commerce transactions in China would involve a live agent.


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