E-Commerce (China vs. US) Part 4 of 10

This is a 10-parts discussion on the key differences in E-Commerce between US & China. If you are interested, please join this blog to learn more. Will publish once a day.


Part 4 of 10 – Who is buying & how much?

Over 90% are aged 15-39, urban, income less than “¥6,000 per month” (US$989). 30% students, 28% white-collar, and 48% women. Top 7% of online purchasers accounts for 45% of total volume. They typically transact more than 50+ per year and spend more than RMB¥15K+. The next 13% accounts for 35%. They transact roughly 30+ times per year with annual spending between RMB¥5K-15K. These 20% of heavy spenders account for 80% of total e-commerce in China.

download  e-commerce-graph


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