E-Commerce (China vs. US) Part 2 of 10

Part 2 of 10 – China e-commerce is “market-place dominated.”  Unlike US and other western countries, independent e-commerce site find it difficult to survive.  “90%” of e-commerce are transacted via Alibaba’s (T-Mall, Taobao), JD, QQ Shop, and Suning.  The biggest foreign player, Amazon, has only 2% marketshare.  If you want to tab into the fast growing e-commerce biz in China, you have no choice but to join the market-place.  



Part 1 of 10 – Chinese e-commerce users rely on product/site reviews almost 2X more than US.  Several reasons why this is happening,

  • Too many counterfeit products – users rely on each other to know the authenticity of the product offerings.  Most customers would only shop from seller with not only good, but many reviews
  • Most sellers online are small mom & pop shops.  It is much more difficult to trust and gain credibility



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